More Experience

…probably the best Hendrix coverband in the world's

Press Review

That's where …probably the best Hendrix coverband in the world comes from

'...’More Experience’, by far the best Hendrix imitators in these parts...“'
Basler Zeitung (CH)

' ’More Experience’, a lot more than a mere homage to Jimi Hendrix.'
L’est Republicain (F)

'..Trying to copy Hendrix sure is a hazardous undertaking, yet the Swiss trio around guitarist Marcel Aeby pretty much got to the genius of this exceptional musician.'
Schwarzwälder Bote (D)

'With their performance in Bremgarten the three musicians from Basel proved that they are considered one of the best Hendrix coverbands all over the world with good reasons. Jimi lives on - also thanks to bands like ‘More Experience’.'
Wohler Anzeiger (CH)

'... and being one of the major Hendrix cover groups on the scene, their set overpowered the crowd.'
Univibes (IRL)

'The musical spirit of Jimi Hendrix returns with ‘More Experience’.'
Diari de Tarragona (E)

'More Experience knew how to cover famous as well as less known Hendrix songs in a authentic and slick manner without the slightest sign of swiss humdrum nor much ado about embarassing imitation.'
Neue Zürcher Zeitung (CH)

'They don’t just imitate Hendrix, they completely ressurect him!'
Eure Inter (F)

'It had been a long and great show!...This was the main JH event for 1996, certainly in France, but possibly also in the world.'
Jimpress (GB)

' of the internationally most renowned Swiss bands. ...The promotors soon found out that they were offered a supercharged live act.'
music scene (CH)

'The legend lives...even when others consider the limits of reproduction to be reached the band crosses them transferring Hendrix’ power into real.'
Rhein-Zeitung (D)