More Experience

…probably the best Hendrix coverband in the world's


Getting experienced

In September 1987 something that up to then had been nothing more than a party joke became reality: The foundation of MORE EXPERIENCE. The aim: to interpret the songs by Jimi Hendrix as genuinely as possible yet giving way to improvisations of their own.

Their first official appearance in Basel in February '88 left the audience gasping and today - after more than 700 concerts - MORE EXPERIENCE may rely on an ever increasing community of fans. 

The first single "MORE EXPERIENCE LIVE" was released in the spring of '89. Apart from a wave of concerts in Switzerland foreign countries began to get interested: MORE EXPERIENCE became popular abroad also after their first tour of Spain and an engagement at the sold out "Olympia" in Paris where they played together with Randy California and Noel Redding during the one-week Hendrix Memorial Festival on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his death. Having had excerpts of another show in Paris broadcasted on French TV the way was open for enormous popularity in France. 

First LP and 12,000 people 

In December '90 "YES WE ARE", an LP recorded live at the Atlantis in Basel, was released. The record was sold out in no time and is now being considered a rarity hard to come by. 

In summer '91 the trio temporarily became a sextet allowing authentic interpretations of the later Hendrix material as well. A second guitarist joined them during another Spanish tour in October of the same year. 

The highlight of the year was the "Electric Ladyland" Festival in Paris with MORE EXPERIENCE - together with American singer Carol Miles - performing a show especially created for the occasion.

In April '92 the band was invited to the University Festival in Barcelona, an event reminiscent of Woodstock, where the trio played in front of 12,000 people in a soccer stadium. This was followed by a third tour of Spain with the festival season topping in a concert in Ravenna (Italy) together with Randy Hansen and Uli Jon Roth. After numerous gigs "back home" the band ended the year with a tour of Germany. 

Live-CD and Noel Redding 

Just in time for the next Spanish tour the CD "Spanish Castle Magic" (Live in Barcelona) was released having been recorded during the '91-tour. Several open air festivals followed in summer and in autumn the disciples of Hendrix completed a much acclaimed "51st Anniversary Tour" throughout France. 

After a change of drummers the new line-up was presented to the audience. 

In April '94 the enthusiastic band played a gig in front of 1,100 enraptured people at the legendary "La Locomotive" in Paris, this resulting in MORE EXPERIENCE being appointed the most favorite Hendrix-coverband in a special issue on Hendrix by the most important French music journal "Rock & Folk". 

In summer '94 something almost historical happened: During a concert in Ternate (Italy) MORE EXPERIENCE was joined by the bass player of "The Jimi Hendrix Experience", Noel Redding. 

In October the band started working on a new CD, this time taking advantage of the extended possibilities of recording in a studio. After having played 14 gigs within 17 days in Spain in November, a very eventful and successful year came to an end. 

Calvin Russel and Alvin Lee 

With 1995 being the 25th anniversary of Hendrix' death, MORE EXPERIENCE took part in several tribute concerts in Northern Germany as well as Switzerland. Another series of concerts in France culminated in once again playing in front of a majestic audience at the 24-Hour-Race at Le Mans together with Nine Below Zero and Calvin Russel. Furthermore, the trio played three gigs with legendary Alvin Lee and his present band. During a much acclaimed appearance at the Piazza Blues Festival in Bellinzona (Switzerland) parts of MORE EXPERIENCE's show were recorded and broadcasted by the Swiss TV's Tessin station. 

In summer 95 the band was again invited to Italy where two concerts together with Noel Redding have been booked in Ravenna, immediately followed by the Electric Gypsy Festival in Männedorf (Switzerland). There they were also joined by Noel and the festival was broadcasted by the Swiss radio station DRS 3 as well as the Zurich TV station Z1. 

Studio-CD, tour of Europe and an anniversary in France 

Finally the MORE EXPERIENCE CD "Freedom" was released in August '95 with renowned Hendrix-journals such as Univibes and Voodoo Child being full of praise for it. In October of the same year, the band again toured Spain. Furthermore, the national Spanish TV station "tve" broadcasted a report on MORE EXPERIENCE.

In late autumn the successful cooperation with Noel Redding was carried on during a 30 days tour through France and Italy (Live appearance on TV France 3). 

In January '96 MORE EXPERIENCE and Calvin Russel were headliners at a festival featuring more than 30 bands in Epinal (France), their show having been recorded by three TV stations. 

Back home they played two nights at the sold out "Atlantis" with Noel Redding being special guest. Another trip to Italy in summer 96 led them via Modena, Venice etc. to Rome. Their appearance at the 30-year anniversary of the Jimi Hendrix Experience's first gig ever in Evreux (France) may well be regarded as the highlight of the year. The show is claimed to be the most important JH-event of 1996! 

The year ended with them having absolved a fulminatory gig together with the German cult band Birth Control. 

10 years and "Gypsy Eyes" 

1997: 10 years of MORE EXPERIENCE! For once they don't celebrate one of Hendrix' but their own anniversary. 

In spring already they deliberated on the ideas for a new Maxi-CD. During the BScene-festival in Basel the band played the fully packed "Kaserne". 

After last year's break 9 concerts were played in Spain and the trio was heard in Madrid for the first time. The Spanish Fanzine "Black Dog" released a special issue on MORE EXPERIENCE while the July-edition of the Swiss music mag "Music Scene" featured two pages on the band. 

In September the release party for the new (Maxi)CD "Gypsy Eyes" was held. In October the trio followed an invitation by Kathy Etchingham (Jimi’s girlfriend) to attend the unveiling of a Hendrix memorial plaque in London - another excellent opportunity to establish international contacts. Subsequently they played a gig in Colombes near Paris on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of Hendrix’ death. 

Following their 500th concert at the Pasinnetti in Gorduno (CH), More Experience went on an extended tour of Italy featuring Buddy Miles as special guest. In a televised interview the former Jimi Hendrix drummer lavished the band with so much praise that they almost botched up their first song on the Tele Monte Carlo show Help. 

Rocking all over Europe 

1998 the band focused on spots which they had not been able to fit in their agenda for some time or had not played before. 

At the sold out Kuppel in Basel in January '99 More Experience started out with a new program. With tours through Germany and Italy as well as loads of gigs in Switzerland they set new benchmarks for their current year on the road before spring was over. In July'99 they played the Kingdom Festival at Bellinzona (with Vasco Rossi, Simply Red, Faithless etc.). A tour of Scandinavia and again Germany in late summer led the trio to the legendary Fehmarn Open Air Festival, where another highlight was experienced.
November 26th & 27th recordings for a new live CD were made at the Safari Beat Club in Chur/Switzerland and turned into a two days party.

Concert history: 1999, 2000, 2001